Ep 50: Older and Wiser (with Cupcakes!)

November 6, 2017

Stefin and Andrea kick off Preheated's celebratory first anniversary month with a look back at some memorable episodes -- including Cranberry Upside Down Cake (Episode 3), homemade eggnog (Episode 5) and Biscoff Pie (Episode 14). Andrea reminds listeners that now is a perfect time to stock up on baking spices, flour and butter (just like in Episode 1), and Stefin may have discovered the name of the mysterious Italian beignet she talked about in Episode 47. Next, both hosts introduce a cupcake that's reminiscent of a favorite bake made during their first year -- Stefin's doing a Boston Cream Pie Cupcake (harking back to Episode 27), and Andrea will flout the season and do a S'Mores Cupcake (like Episode 40). Finally, the duo share the lessons they've learned, resolutions they've kept, and the audio that's haunting them after one year on air.

Bake along with Stefin and Andrea in their baking Facebook group, Preheated. You can find links to recipes on their baking website, www.preheatedpodcast.com. Join the fun!