Ep 47: Nothing Says Fall Like a (Pumpkin) Donut

October 9, 2017

Andrea's whipping up a raft of homemade pantry staples, including granola, mayonnaise and dried mushroom powder. Stefin's still chipping away at her six pounds of wheat germ. And both hosts want to know: How low can you go when grating a nutmeg? Frustration abounds with the Amish Apple Dumpling: Stefin can't find Crisco, despite the best efforts of half the London Whole Foods' staff, and Andrea can't believe there's no sugar and spice in the recipe. (Not to mention that she had to peel and core eight apples.) Fortunately, there are donuts on the horizon to restore good humor: The duo introduce next week's challenge, Pumpkin Cake Donuts, and Andrea recounts a recent indulgent dessert -- Whiskey Donut Bread Pudding. Finally, the Globetrotting Gourmet takes listeners on a virtual dessert tour of France, Italy and Germany.

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