Ep 62: Pie School is Back in Session!

February 5, 2018

Stefin and Andrea are back with their Second Annual Pie School! But before they take a deep dive under the top crust, Andrea updates Stefin on the "nourishing nibbles" she made using new-to-her maca. Did this "pleasant-tasting" powder delight this root-veg loving host? In other nutritional news, Stefin celebrates after losing a pound -- of wheat germ that is! Next up is the first pie of the month: Butterscotch Pie with Curry Crust. Will this unusual flavor combination prove delicious or just a delicious experiment? Turning to that pie essential, crust, both hosts share the recipes they're currently loving, and chat about variations, the options for blind baking (pie beans, pie weights or ... sugar?), and a reminder that pie doesn't have to be square (or perfect) to be a success. Finally, in the Language Lab, Andrea defines "short crust" while Stefin reads from a charming essay on (what else?) leaf-lard pastry.

You can read the Show Notes here.

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