Ep 59: Classic Cream Puff Success

January 8, 2018

Our hosts start the show with an update on New Years' resolutions and some new habit forming tips and tricks. With apologies to Martha Stewart, Andrea raves about the Classic Cream Puffs and No-Fuss Pastry Cream and Stefin finds this to be one classic and impressive dessert (bonus: you can make it ahead of time). Next week is Peanut Butter Pie in tribute to National Peanut Butter Day (January 24) and National Pie Day (January 23). Finally our hosts reveal what Common Baking Mistakes they're making!

Bake along with Stefin and Andrea in their baking Facebook group, Preheated. You can find links to recipes on their baking website, www.preheatedpodcast.com. Join the fun!