Ep 54: The Christmas Cookie Scene

December 4, 2017

Andrea and Stefin are in the holiday mood as they kick off a festive month of Bon Bons & Bars with Blizzard Blondies -- pretty, easy and delicious! Stefin's trying to stay warm during the UK's "arctic blast," is looking forward to Nigella Lawson's first Christmas special since 2008, and is trying to determine how many apple slab pies to contribute to the USA table at her daugther's International Night. Fortunately, Big Batch Baker (BBB) Andrea has plenty of advice. Over in the Gadget Garage, Andrea recently turned to the Preheated Facebook community for help identifying a mysterious kitchen implement -- a flat whisk! -- while Stefin muses over the helpfulness of "one-off" kitchen gadgets. (Andrea's got a favorite.) Andrea's also looking forward to her annual holiday cooking decorating weekend and has several tips for listeners planning their own. Finally, Stefin answers the burning question: "What's the Christmas cookie scene like in London?" and the duo discuss Preheated fans' favorite Christmas cookies.

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