Ep 20: Going Bananas for Southern Banana Pudding

March 27, 2017

If your childhood involved Nilla' Wafers and Banana Pudding you're sure to enjoy this episode of Preheated as the hosts cook and review the Southern Banana Pudding recipe from Angie at Big Bear's Wife blog. Next, the final custard of Pudding and Custard month makes its debut - and it's a delicious Crème brûlée from Tom Fitzmorris at The Food Show in New Orleans. Finally the hosts discuss the TNT (that's Tried n' True) recipes that are the staples of their dessert routine.

Bake along with Stefin and Andrea in their baking Facebook group, Preheated. You can find all of the recipes on their baking website, www.preheatedpodcast.com. Join the fun!


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